Monday, August 20, 2012

Memorial Album Share

 This is the first few pages of my mother in law's memorial album.  The first photo is the cover of her album.  The picture on the front is my husband's favorite photo of his mom.  The roses are all handmade.

Album Cover

This next photo is the inside cover of her album.  It is hand stamped and colored. 

Inside Cover

The next two pages are the pages we designed for Mom's brothers and sister.  She was the oldest of four children.  Her brother Jerry is a writer and the memories that he provided for the album were beautiful.  EWe added little envelopes to the pages.  They are stamped with a moments stamps.  We used the envelopes to tuck the special memories in. 

 Thanks for stopping by.  Please take a few moments to leave a comment.  We love to hear what you think.  Watch tomorrow as we share a few more pages from my mother-in-laws memorial album.  Until next time.....Happy Paper Crafting!!

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