Thursday, June 14, 2012

We are back!!

We are back.  It seems like we have had so many things going on around our house.  We have been doing some major remodeling on our house since mid February.  Todd just finished it a few weeks ago.  We will be posting pictures soon.  He did such a beautiful job on creating a master bathroom, master closet and a pantry from our old family room.  He is my "Bob the Builder".

Once that project was completed it was the mad rush to get ready for the Memorial Party for my mother in law.  She passed away May 2011.  We really wanted to do something special to celebrate her life and memory.  We asked her friends and family to write down some of their special memories with her and then to send them to us.  We gathered pictures and recipes and all the stories and made it into a memory album.  It ended up being 30 pages and we made 11 albums altogether, so that everybody would be able to have their own book.  Todd put together a wonderful power point presentation together to celebrate her life.  We had lots of food and friendship.  It turned out so much better than I could have expected.  We will post pictures of her album as soon as I get a chance.

During this time I have been working on all my design team projects.  I just have not had a chance to get them posted until now.  So there will a lot of post coming up. Thanks so much for your patience.  I really am glad that things are returning to normal.  I miss being creative and being able to share it with others.

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